We believe that one
empowered individual
is capable of changing
the world around them

Trevor Gile

We nurture change agents,
so they can impact the development
of their own country

Those closest to a problem are also usually those who best understand that problem. They are thus also best able to solve it, if enabled to do so. Most lesser developed countries are severely lacking the human resources to tackle their issues effectively so we help to alleviate this by making targeted, long-term investments in human potential.

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Education in the 21st
century needs to be
about enabling students
to solve real problems
and adapt to change
We succeed when there
is meaningful, positive change

Our model encourages global awareness while placing strong emphasis on providing expertise for our students to identify and impact important problems in their own country. We continually support our students in exploring their culture and environment but further, we create tangible incentives for them to stay in-country for the long term. How do we do all this while still enabling them to learn everything they'll need to know to tackle their futures? Our students learn by doing, and the results are already astounding.

“Reaching for the stars”
is always an ambitious goal
until you find that you're
already in the midst of them.
It's inspirational to see our
stars shining brighter each day
We think and act
for the long-term

Becoming a change agent and improving life in a developing country requires passion, consistency and most of all patience. We take a long-term approach to helping developing countries to help themselves; in that sense we have a time horizon of at least 15 years for every young person in our program and we constantly learn and optimize to deliver a unique, world class education experience.